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Meet Mica

As a motivated mom of two with a Masters in Business Administration and Strategy, Mica has over 15 years of experience growing consulting businesses in tech and professional services.  She's worked internationally responsible for emerging market strategy, merger and acquisitions, while building high-performing, profitable consulting teams as a trusted executive.  She has deep knowledge in branding, marketing, market development and has found away to develop a formula for the world of entrepreneurship.
After her run in the corporate world, Mica (along with her business partner, Chelsae) build a successful group coaching business that scaled to $30k+ months in less than a year.  

It Takes Two...

Get the expertise of a business strategist and an educator, bringing together all the unique knowledge needed to create the perfect formula for a successful group coaching business.

Meet Chelsae

Chelsae is a dedicated mom of two who started her adult career as a life long educator. She worked across various demographics to perfect her strengths that have seamlessly transferred into the business world. Chelsae mastered communication styles that meet her audience's needs, helped countless families deliver results and meet their goals effectively and efficiently. Chelsae built a repertoire of skills in navigating complex issues, by breaking down those items into easier-to-process information and leading to well-rounded individuals.  After 10 years of success in the education industry, Chelsae was ready to transfer her skills to support others get to their goals in a methodical way. Alongside her business partner, Mica, Chelsae helped craft a group coaching business with 99.99% success results for 1000s of clients. 

There is a "no-gimmick" way to build the business you want...

We all started with trying the grind of the 9-5.  The corporate world consumed Mica, running a multi-million dollar, international businesses that didn't pay poorly.  She did, however, pay in time, away from family.  Regardless of the enticing pay, it never felt like she was quite building wealth.  Chelsae found her passion slowly dying as she found the need to chose a salary versus time with her kids.  Entrepreneurship felt like something only "certain" people could be successful doing.  It felt like it was just another grind, but after coming together in the light of fate, it was clear that it was the ONLY opportunity people really had to HAVE IT ALL.

It hasn't failed us.  With the right education and no-nonsense blueprint, it became the key to success without sacrificing time.  

We're so excited to share this blueprint with you, our journey plus the journey of countless other 1:1 entrepreneurs and aspiring course creators reach 7 figures, now available in our program Single to Scale.


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